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Test platforms for automotive electrical subassemblies


IP Tester with remote pedestal


Ensuring quality is a concern for every business. Whether doing a full functionality test or just ensuring that electrical connections have been made, our custom-made test platforms meet the challenge.

Each tester is designed with your end product in mind. Platforms can have operator interfaces as simple as indicator lights, small panel display or a full display as shown in the example. On most test platforms an industrial computer interacts with an I/O device to check continuity. This computer runs TSL test software (explained below). This in combination with the possible communication protocols allows full function tests on electrical subassemblies such as a vehicle instrument panel.

Key Benefits

The Test Sequence Language, known as TSL, is a script language for writing sequenced test programs. The sequenced test programs are referred to as scripts. TSL Scripts are easy to create, modify and understand by engineers and plant electricians. The script can be written with any ASCII text editor. Scripts are processed, interpreted and executed by the application. The TSL application consists of the Test Engine, and an optional I/O module operating on a computer platform with the necessary I/O hardware. The application can perform electrical, functional, operational and diagnostic tests of circuits and modules or a combination of both.

Capable of handling multiple network protocols:

  • TSL adheres to SAE J2534 specification
  • CAN, extended CAN, ISO 15765, SWC, TJA1054
  • J1850 (SCP, ClassII)
  • Several UART protocols - ACP, ISO 9141, UBP
  • KWP2000
  • SDL (GM)
  • Custom protocols are also possible.
Testers can be customized to meet your needs. Serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet communications are available for input and output devices; i.e. bar code scanners, printers, and networking. The testers can utilize ODBC, RUMBA and TCP port client server connections for data transfer and logging. If your product testing requires it, the tester can support an internal Digital Multimeter (DMM). Allowing for more various  types of testing i.e. capacitance, inductance, frequency and time measurements.

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